Can Anything Stop Pumpkin Spice?

Can Anything Stop Pumpkin Spice?

Even by 9 a.m., you could tell that August 28 was going to be one of those suffocating, soupy New York City summer days. Business men sweat profusely through their suits, unwilling participants in the world’s unsexiest wet t-shirt contest. Women tied up their hair, the only requirement being that it was just far, far away from their necks. The air smelled of microwaved trash.

But inside Starbucks? Well, it was a crisp fall day. One that was perfect for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Yes, before the first day of autumn, before Labor Day, even before September, the coffee chain changed seasons. Earlier than ever, menus were adorned with orange-colored leaves and large hand-painted renderings of “PSLs,” advertising their triumphant return. Not that such a physical proclamation was necessary—the drink had already been trending on Twitter for two days.

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