Lies My Mother Told Me: Tall Tales from a Short Woman

“When you’re invited to a dinner party, you should always be prepared with three good stories to tell.”
-Joan Rivers

But my mother never said those stories had to be true….

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Remember, formal occasions are really just informal ones with uncomfortable clothes.


I stepped on my talking scale and it told me to come back when I’m alone.


I don’t mind being hit by Cupid’s arrow, as long as the tip was dipped in Botox.


Winter has been so cold, my breasts froze to my knees.


I thought I was getting a terrific suntan, but it turned out my liver spot had just grown.


It’s inconsiderate that Memorial Day kicks off the unofficial outdoor barbecue season, but never includes a tribute to Joan of Arc.


She’s kissed so many sailors, her lips go in and out with the tide.


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