Super Bowl Fifty-four Halftime Show

Super Bowl Fifty-four Halftime Show

Dear Diary:


Everyone in the on-line community is talking about the Super Bowl Fifty-four halftime show starring Shakira and J-Lo. Some people loved it, some people hated it; some people thought it was way too sexy, some people thought it was way too overproduced. My only thought is: How the fuck does J-LO look THAT good at fifty years old? It’s sick. I mean really, she’s had two kids and three husbands (she’s working on a fourth) and she’s tight as a drum and hot as a volcano. It’s not fair. I work out, I eat right, I go the gym, and I think I look pretty good. But there’s a difference between “looking pretty good” and having every man in the country (even the gay ones) want to sleep with you.


I’d call Jennifer to ask her how she does it, what’s her secret – but that’ll have to wait until I’m feeling a little less bitter and resentful. Which should be some time next January, after Super Bowl Fifty-five.

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