Spring Break

Spring Break

I’m so lucky I have the greatest son in the world. And I say this not only because it’s true, but because he’s either copied my fingerprint or knows how to get around my facial recognition ID and can break into my devices and might read this. (FYI, he’s already managed to clone my credit cards.) My neighbor however, isn’t so lucky. Cooper and his friends (including said neighbor’s son) just finished spring break. I gather that her week with her child was not nearly as good as mine. Here’s the email I received from her:

“HELP! the apple of my eye, the beauty of my loins, just finished his spring break. Which means, just like Cooper, he’s back at school from eight to three, every day … which means I might be left the fuck alone for a couple of hours to get a manicure, talk about people behind their backs, and day-drink. – I think adults should get spring break every April. I can’t wait for him to go to college – or prison, whichever comes first. Lunch, Tuesday? LMK. xx”

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