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Melissa Rivers’ Group Text Podcast

Special Episode: Golden globes AwardS Fashion Recap

Join Melissa Rivers and her Hollywood insider friends George Kotsiopoulos, Glozell, Jenni Pulos and Sabrina Miller as they share their uncensored views on the 2020 Golden Globes! Who looked like they were auditioning for Frozen? Who does George think was far too naked? Which A-lister looked more like bridesmaid than bombshell? And which is more important, dressing for the camera, the audience, or just to keep warm? Find out on Melissa Rivers Group Text!!

Mental Health

This episode focuses on Mental Health. Melissa is joined by her co-host Sabrina Lott Miller, good friend Marilu Henner, actor, host and Superman himself, Dean Cain, and therapist Lyn Morris from the Didi Hirsh foundation to dissect Mental Health, & Wellness as we go into the holiday season. Find out on this week’s episode what to say to a depressed friend, how Marilu thinks women pick men, and what we need to look for to prevent suicide.

Special Episode: American Music AwardS Fashion Recap

How many outfits can one singer wear in a night? Apparently a lot! Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez’ many outfits, Lizzo’s mini purse, Kesha’s killer performance and more in this episode. Melissa and her friends George Kotsiopolos (fashion expert), Glozell Green (You Tube star), Sabrina Miller (fabulous assistant) and special guest comedian Leah Lamarr discuss what worked and what didn’t!

Special Episode: People’s Choice Award Fashion Recap

Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Anniston, The Kardashians and more big names attended the People’s Choice Awards this year and Melissa and her friends go to town on their fashion choices! Join her and her guests, stylist to the stars, George Kotsiopolos, E! Producer Brian Strickland, You Tube star Glozell Green and Melissa’s one and only opinionated assistant, Sabrina Miller.

Cheaters, Scammers and Fraudsters, Oh My! An update on the players in the Varsity Blues Scandal 

In March of 2019, our country was riveted by the discovery that dozens of wealthy parents, including two high profile celebrities, had been caught bribing college undergraduate admissions departments in order to get their child into elite colleges. To date, 51 people have been charged with conspiracy and some, like actress Felicity Huffman, have gone to jail. In today’s episode, Melissa talks to civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom known for representing high profile sexual harassment cases, PR guru and crisis manager Howard Bragman, Independent College Consultant Sara Haberson, writer and comedian Larry Amoros and Melissa’s trusted assistant Sabrina Miller. Don’t miss this entertaining and interesting conversation!

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