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Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day, the day we honor true American heroes, the men and women who served our country in the Armed Forces. But because of the quarantine, there are no parades, no celebrations - no way to pay homage to those deserving heroes. So instead, I’m going to honor ...

I don’t get into politics but …

I don’t get into politics but ... my neighbor says that regarding the Coronavirus she believes Donald Trump, not Dr. Fauci. Hmmmm ... let’s see ... one of them is a scientist and doctor specializing in immunology and pandemics, and the other, hosted a game show. That I was on. ...


Dear Diary: My OCDs are now kicking in. This morning I washed my hands. Off.

Melissa Rivers’ Group Text Podcast Joins Storic Media.

Storic Media Podcast Networks, the podcast company launched earlier this year by radio syndicator United Stations Media Network, has teamed up with television personality Melissa Rivers for the newest addition to its lineup. Melissa Rivers’ Group Text was inspired by daily group chats between Rivers and her friends. The podcast, which began releasing ...

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