Aunt Becky

Aunt Becky

I am sooooo pissed off at Lori Loughlin. I cannot believe she bribed officials to get her kid into college. I find that appalling. She and her husband are very rich. How rich? Somewhere between the State of Rhode and Oprah, rich. Plus, Lori’s famous; has she made 237,000 Hallmark movies, she’s Aunt Becky, for fuck’s sake. You’d think that those credits and that kind of money would open doors all over the place. But you’d be wrong. (My mother used to say that the best part of being famous was that one phone call could get you into any doctor’s office in the world. She wasn’t kidding; she once called her plastic surgeon at lunchtime and had a new chin by dinner.) Which begs the question, if fame and fortune couldn’t get their daughter into a decent school, is she really college material? Maybe she should be doing things with her life that don’t require higher education, like joining the Peace Corps, or working with lepers or joining the Trump Cabinet (there seem to be an awful lot of vacancies right now).


I “enjoyed” spending the past year and a half schlepping Cooper all over the country … seven schools in 12 states … not counting going to ALL of the games, practices, community service, making cookies … tutors, orthos (both pedist and dentist) equipment, … so that he would have had a CV so complete schools would be begging him to attend. (Which they did.)


I was happy to do these things with my son, but you know in hindsight, a bag of Benjamins placed under a park bench …

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