Ask Mel

I am always happy to give advice. No topic is off limits.

Not promising my answers will be useful, but it’s worth asking, right?

Ask Mel

I am always happy to give advice. No topic is off limits.

Not promising my answers will be useful, but it’s worth asking, right?

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    Featured Q & A’s

    "Dear Melissa Rivers, Will we see another reality show like Melissa and Cooper ? Thank you, Mohamed "

    Good question, Mo. Can I call you, Mo? Mohammed is way too long to

    keep writing. I would never say never, but I will graciously say, “not likely.” Cooper’s going off to college and I can’t compete with

    girls, lacrosse and keg parties.

    Dear Melissa, I am proud of the way you conducted yourself on the Megyn Kelly panel and your mother would be proud also. You brought levity and wit to a conversation that could have turned even more explosive. Have you ever considered doing standup? I think you might be a big success at it.


    I’m flattered, but no, I’d never do it because I could never do it better than my mother.

    What’s your guilty pleasure?

    My guilty pleasure? Shoes. I’m obsessed. I have so many shoes I think I’m half centipede. Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, I don’t care I love them all. If I’m desperate and really need a fix, I’ll duck into a Payless with a shopping bag and a pocketful of coupons.

    We both have sons the same age. What is your advice for staying engaged in his life as he begins his next chapter?

    I’ll have no problem staying engaged in Cooper’s life. I’m going to be his new college roommate. Don’t tell him; I’m saving it as a surprise! 😀

    "Hello Beautiful! So, I’m a grown man who likes to wear high heels. I’m having a helluva time trying to find a good show at an affordable price. Do you have any suggestions? I want something unique and goth chic’ something fabulous! I hope you and Cooper are well, I miss Joan. I still watch y’all on YouTube. Much love, Hillbillyangel!"

    There are a million shoes stores in LA and I can’t recommend any one in particular … unless of course they offer me a branding or promotional deal, in which case I’ll blab their name all over the world. But, if I make a teeny suggestion – you should probably avoid an open-toe. It’s been my experience that it never looks pretty on a husky gal with an Adam’s apple.

    "Not so much a question but curious what your must-haves are for your casual wardrobe ... love your style! You always look so effortlessly, put together but comfortable as well."

    Well, Kiki, the illusion that I look so effortlessly put together and comfortable as well, is just that, an illusion. But we’re not here to discuss my body dysmorphia or general self-loathing, we’re here to discuss YOU. – I have what I like to call “my uniform:” great-fitting jeans, a well-tailored men’s white shirt, and t-shirts that do not look like you’ve done your own laundry and a great belt. From there, you can add sweaters, jackets, cute sneakers, boots and, if you’re having a bad hair, hat.  And if you’re having a bad face day, a burka, Hope this helps!

    "How do I bring up the topic that I am a homosexua to my pentecostal grandma that I am currently living with. I really want to tell her that I have a boyfriend and he’s the best thing that ever happened to me but she’s so deep in her bible that I’m almost certain that she will disown me like she has my sister. P.S. my sister came out as a lesbian 3 years ago and my grandma hasn’t really spoken to her."

    Coming out is difficult. My mother was beyond disappointed when I told her I was straight.

    You could tell your Grandma that God doesn’t make mistakes, and he made you perfectly. If that doesn’t work, ask her why there are no women at the Last Supper. ‘Nuff said.

    What are you doing to prepare yourself mentally for when your son leaves for college? I have been through it twice and it’s hell!

    I’ve turned Cooper’s room into a private day spa. He’s mad as hell because he’s still living in it. FYI, his skin’s never looked better.