A Makeup Artist’s Guide to Finally Nailing No-Makeup Makeup

A Makeup Artist’s Guide to Finally Nailing No-Makeup Makeup

The irony of no-makeup makeup is that looking like you have nothing on, in fact, requires a lot of skill. Perfect for daytime or going casual, the right “nude” makeup look will feel like you’ve got the Instagram “pretty” filter on your face at all times. As New York-based makeup artist Amanda Wilson puts it, wearing nude makeup “means you look like you had the best most refreshing vacation of your life—like you took no time getting ready.” Easy, right? Not quite. Read on for expert tips for nailing the woke-up-like-this face beat once and for all.

Complexion is key.

Wilson emphasizes that before putting any makeup on, you should prioritize a solid skincare routine for a smooth canvas. Then, your approach with application should be less is more. “Only put [makeup] where you need it and blend it out. Use what you already have to your advantage,” she says, “If you already have red in your cheeks, boom, you don’t need blush so don’t cover that. It’s beautiful.”

The whole point of the look, Wilson explains, is to make it look like your actual skin. Product placement is key—focus on specific areas over opting for a full-face, full-coverage application. She adds, “Using your fingers to apply the makeup will be very helpful.” For reference, see the no-makeup makeup she recently did on To All the Boys I Loved Before‘s Lana Condor below. Goals.

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