The Red Carpet season is getting ready to kick off August 27th with the 58th Annual Emmy’s – known to Hollywood insiders as the hottest awards show of the year. Of course, television viewers think it is the hottest event because they see their favorite stars in all their glory. I am talking about standing in the direct sun AND lights for hours on the red carpet. You wouldn’t know it by watching it on T.V. but it is BLAZING hot out there.

You may have heard that this years Emmy’s is a banner year for us as my mother will celebrate her 1,000th interview on the Red Carpet. Hard to believe she was the FIRST person to host a live event from the Red Carpet and on August 27th she’ll turn out her thousandth interview. That’s a LOT of time standing on the Red Carpet and I really look forward to this first ever milestone set by my mom. Congratulations and here’s to a thousand more mom!

You may remember from the last couple broadcasts, my mother and I have 2 separate positions at the Emmy’s. We double-team the carpet with my mom positioned at the beginning of the carpet while I am at the other end, near the entrance of the Shrine. I love my spot because the celebrities have walked their way down the carpet, are loosened-up, and the interviews are the most fun as the celeb’s are full of anticipation as they approach the entrance to the Shrine.

This year the carpet will have a new look at the Emmy’s as they have changed the route from a right-turn to a U-turn. I guess this is supposed to allow for more celebrities walking the line at once. I like the idea because it seems like I will have more time to know who is on their way to my position, so we can get the biggest names and best questions for our live broadcast.

I am really looking forward to this years awards to see some of my favorite television celebrities both on the Red Carpet and on the screen – Debra Messing, Sarah Jessica Parker, The Desperate Housewives are ALL great in their roles as actors, look great on the red carpet and are a blast to interview. Who am I MOST looking forward to seeing on the carpet again? Julia Luis-Dreyfus. She’s just great, great, great!

As far as this years fashion predictions? Expect a lot of bright and brilliant colors strolling in. Also, layers are all the rage and I can’t wait to see how today’s top designers have integrated the layered look into their gowns.

Of course, some of my favorite Emmy men are Hugh Laurie, Jeremy Piven (I wonder if he’s going to bring his mom as his date again?) and the cast of Grey’s Anatomy. You want my advice on what to wear boys? Keep it simple, classic and clean. Take a note from one of today’s hottest film actors who started in TV, George Clooney, and show-up in a beautifully tailored classic cut tux. Nothing compliments the dazzling color of your dates dress like a perfectly fitting tuxedo.

Of course, I can’t talk about the Emmy’s without mentioning the BEST Emmy party of the year… The TV Guide Party! This year PINK is performing live at the after party and Last year’s bash was a huge hit and I know the TV Guide party is going to be THE PLACE to be this year.

We’ll see you live on the red carpet where you can see mom and I chatting up TV’s brightest stars. Tune-in to see who will be mom’s thousandth interview and try to make it to the TV Guide party too!