Melissa Rivers talked about Joan Rivers’ love for her grandson, Cooper Endicott, in her new book “The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation.” According to a report from Daily Mail, the late comedy icon even tried to run off with the child just hours after Melissa Rivers gave birth to him.
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“Cooper was less than six hours old the first time she tried to run off with him,” Melissa Rivers narrated in the Joan Rivers memoire.
“She wouldn’t let him out of her grip; he was her new favourite accessory.”
Melissa Rivers also said that Joan Rivers had big dreams for her grandson.

“He was even in tow when she visited the dean of the hospital’smedical school to inquire about her ‘genius grandson’s’ early application,” the 47-year-old recalled.
Melissa Rivers also said that Joan Rivers spoiled her only grandson a lot.
“When my mother was in the house, come 8.45pm, without fail, both of them would disappear,” she narrated.
“They were usually in her room eating a sugary snack and deeply engrossed in something on TV. At 9.15pm I would tell them that it was time to wrap it up, assuming that my mother would send him up to bed.”

“When that didn’t happen and they launched into, ‘Can’t we just finish this episode?’ and I said, ‘No, you’ve got school tomorrow,’ my mother would start in with, ‘How often do I get to spend time with my grandson?'”

After allowing the two to stay up late, Melissa Rivers joked that Joan Rivers would still end up blaming her the following day.

“The following morning, when Cooper inevitably stomped out of the house exhausted and in a foul mood, my mother would look at me and say, ‘You know Melissa, you really need to make sure he gets more sleep,” she narrated.
With Cooper’s closeness to the comedy icon, Mirror UK recently reported about how Melissa Rivers’ son is coping after losing his beloved grandmother.

“He is figuring it all out[…] what is the new normal,” Melissa Rivers said. “It just takes time.”
“[Joan Rivers] was literally happiest when she was working or with Cooper,” Melissa Rivers added.