I am happy to report that we have wrapped-up our first live awards show of the season and it was better than ever!

The red carpet was all a-buzz with Emmy hopefuls in their Sunday best, fighting for any little piece of shade they could find in-between interviews. The heat was sweltering and it was a kick to watch the frantic hair/make-up and stylist teams dabbing and fixing down the red carpet – like primping electrons circling in harmony around a celebrity nucleus.

I must comment that everyone I spoke with seemed to be in an alarmingly good mood. Not to say that the red carpet doesn’t bring out everyone’s good graces, because most celebrities ARE on their best behavior on the carpet – but, it seemed this event their handlers, managers and publicists, who are generally the barracuda’s of the carpet, were wearing smiles on their sweat beaded faces. I just hope it lasts… Although, the cat fights between PR agents clawing at each other to get their clients on television makes for a great red carpet sideshow.

As far as the actual awards show goes, I thought Conan was a great host for the show and the tribute to Aaron Spelling was very touching. It is hard to believe that one man was responsible for making so many successful television series in his lifetime. An unbelievable achievement – as was bringing the original Charlie’s Angels back together again. How GREAT did Jaclyn Smith look – just breathtaking and beautiful. The three of them together stepped out and TOOK the stage.

And my funniest moment? Definitely when Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert presented the award for best reality series. Now that was comedy!

Enough about the show and all that other jazz – let’s get to the important stuff… The Best and Worst dressed of the night!

Well, the worst dressed was the unfortunate outfit that stuck out like a sore thumb. While I admire her beauty and love her work, Candace Bergen’s get-up made no sense to me. It was as if, while eating lunch at a roadside Cracker Barrel on the way to the show, she spilled grits and syrup on her gown so, in a rush, she borrowed her servers uniform and wore it to the Emmy’s. I am hoping she is looking for a new stylist to help her modernize her look. Candace, you are BEAUTIFUL, please wear something a little more flattering next go-round, will you?

As far as the best dressed, I chose Sandra Oh. It seemed to be quite a controversial choice that we debated on our Fashion Wrap show, but I loved the way she looked. The gown was perfect for the end of the summer, the cut was very flattering and when she walked, it was very, very elegant. Debated was her use of accessories, matching together jewelry made from all types of materials… There was metal, stone, maybe even some wood and shell. I am not too sure, but I thought it looked great and she looked so comfortable in it that I believed she put it all together herself – which just makes me think she has a great sense of style and a lot of personality. I loved it!

Last but not least, I would like to congratulate my mother on having her 1000th Red Carpet interview with Debra Messing (who incidentally was mom’s best dressed of the night.) It is hard for me to believe that my mother, the woman who started it all out on the red carpet, has crossed the 1,000-interview mark. That is a lot of standing on your feet in gowns and heels and asking the questions that everyone wants to know. Congratulations mom!!! I thank you for everything you have done and look forward to 1,000 more!!!