Joan Rivers desperately wanted her daughter Melissa to pose for Playboy magazine.

The iconic actress and comedian – who passed away 11 months ago aged 81 – felt ”insane” about the fact that Melissa turned down $500,000 to strip for the front cover of the men’s magazine and often quipped to audiences ”the nerve of that b***h! Pull down your pants and show them the p***y!”

Melissa warmly recalled: ”My mother was so angry that I didn’t want to do Playboy … She was insane that I wouldn’t do it! I just said, ‘No way.’ We live in a digital world now. I don’t need my son’s buddies going, ‘Dude, I’ve seen your mom’s t*ts.”’

However, the 47-year-old TV producer – who has penned a biography about the actresses life entitled ‘The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation’ – cherishes the advice her mother gave on how to look good growing old.

Melissa – who was a producer of the TV show ‘Fashion Police’ on which her mother starred – told The Times newspaper: ”I’m definitely a fan of Botox and fillers, and anybody who tells you they’re not is lying. I don’t want to turn into some old – scary looking person, but how far would you go? I don’t know. My mother always said, ‘It’s better to have a new you getting out of an old car than an old you getting out of a new car.”


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