Its just days away from the Emmy’s. Tinseltown and TV Junkies everywhere are gearing-up for television’s main event.

So, I am in the middle of all the regular preparations we make before a major awards show… the decisions, the dress fittings, your hair, make-up, jewelry and above it all are the anxious thoughts and anticipation that comes before a 2-hour live show… WHO I hope to talk with, WHAT I want to say to them and HOW everyone will look.

(And yes, I DO get nervous before a live show… and yes I DO look forward to the red carpet. It is SO EXCITING to be there and meet my favorite stars. I’m one lucky lady!)

As I was going through my mental “pre-game” checklist I was thinking about how WE ALL have “Red Carpet” moments in our lives. Whether it is a job interview, a prom, a wedding or meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time, we ALL have our BIG moments when we have to think of everything and prepare for it!

To me preparing for life’s “Red Carpet Moments” boils down to a few important things…

First: Dress Appropriately. And it really applies to every Red Carpet event in your life. I know it may sound shallow, BUT wearing the right thing for the right situation really has an impact. I know that being in a great dress on the wrong occasion leaves me terribly uncomfortable. Just take a minute to make sure the hem isn’t too high, the colors aren’t too bright or the neck isn’t plunging too far for the occasion and it makes for an all around better experience.

Second: Trust Your Instincts. Have you ever had a room full of people tell you that what you have on looks PERFECT – and you jut FEEL like it doesn’t. Well I have news for you. If YOU feel like something is ‘off’ then it is. It can be hair, make-up, jewelry, the dress – anything. If you don’t FEEL like everything is the way it ought to be do NOT get talked out of that feeling. I am convinced there are people (celebrities especially) who get lead down the wrong path and end-up on everyone’s worst-dressed list. You can almost feel it when you are interviewing someone who just wishes they could disappear – it is a weird vibe and it definitely happens. So, trust your instincts and your “Red Carpet Event” will be the best it can be!

Third: Be comfortable in your own skin. It really is all about being comfortable and this goes hand-in-hand with the first two points. So you have the right KIND of dress and you know it fits you beautifully – there is only one thing left and that’s to be comfortable in your own skin. Because you are prepared and feel great you don’t have any petty worries distracting you from just being you! Have you ever met someone for the first time and for some reason they seemed intimidated or nervous… and their nerves made you a little nervous yourself? Well it happens, it is like nerves are contagious or something. So take a moment to catch your breath and just be comfortable for your “Red Carpet Moment” it is the BEST way to enjoy it!

My Emmy predictions? That we will have a GREAT show full of your favorite celebrities, that our Fashion Wrap show will answer all your burning questions about the best and worst dressed and that you will all tune-in to watch Coolio and Chandra Wilson doing manual labor in my hilarious new special “Stars First Jobs” following the Emmy Fashion Wrap!

See you at the Emmy’s!!!