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Ten Delicious Ideas for Plain Yogurt

Health & Fitness December 12, 2018 0 Comments
10 ways to gussy up your plain yogurt You probably already know plain yogurt topped with fruit and honey is delicious. But did you know the dairy staple also tastes delightful spooned onto spaghetti or blended with cantaloupe, or that it can be added to cake batter? Click here to read full article on Martha Stewart

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4 Fresh, Colorful Snacks Starring Cottage Cheese

Health & Fitness December 6, 2018 0 Comments
We're celebrating the comeback of these underrated curds with four healthy, easy-to-make snacks Cottage cheese, a healthy-eating staple favored by moms across America, had lost the star power it had in the ’80s, just like leg warmers and Jazzercise. But it’s now time to give it another chance: Not only is cottage cheese a low-calorie source of (tons of!) protein

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The 20-Minute Cardio Workout You Can Totally Do At Home

Health & Fitness October 28, 2018 0 Comments
Because sometimes the gym is just too far. Time: 20-3o minutes Equipment: None Good for: Cardio, core Instructions: Do each move for 45 seconds, then rest for 15-30 seconds (as indicated). That's one round. The goal is to complete 10-15 reps per round. Repeat 3-5 rounds, then move on to the next move. This low-impact workout (which you can totally do at home!) was

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