Anderson Cooper sat down with Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa on “Anderson” (Weekdays, Syndicated) to chat about a little bit of everything. With hoarding so popular in the media and on television — holding down two weekly reality series — he asked the women if they have any hoarding tendencies.

Melissa revealed that she still has some clothing from when she was in college, while Joan went a far more macabre direction. “I just keep pieces of my plastic surgery,” she said. “They cut it off, you think, I like that.”

Later, Joan reiterated her stance on plastic surgery. “If somebody feels better, I think plastic surgery’s great,” she said. “I like having a tight face that’s pulled, ’cause every time I swallow I have an orgasm.”

When the conversation shifted to grandkids, Joan admitted she was crazy. But another topic means another Joan Rivers joke. “I’m getting worried ’cause he’s adorable, he’s polite, he loves his mother, he’s quiet,” she said. “And those are the signs of a serial killer.”