Melissa Rivers Has Fashions ‘For The Cool People’

Jul 17, 12 Melissa Rivers Has Fashions ‘For The Cool People’


Melissa Rivers is a TV producer, actress, and red carpet commentator…and now she’s added fashion designer to her resume. launched it’s first ever celebrity collaboration with Melissa Rivers ‘for the cool people’ with versatile pieces under one hundred dollars.

Melissa’s collection, ‘For The Cool People’ is on now.

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  1. Bernadette Many /

    Hi Mellisa how are you?Just wanna drop you a line to let you know that you are such a good role model to young mothers and women out there.Y ou are a good daughter too!lol! Your mom is the best.Let me tell you,I was so sad one day my dad past ,and my brother past a week later then a moth laer my sister too past.So that day i was thinking of the darkest things i wish not to mention ,then on tv i see your mom while flipping the channels she told the joke about what she said to you at an expensive dinner after your dad past. I STARTED LAUGHING so hard. and since then I am living my life better and happier.Tell her i sais hi and thank you!

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