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Mar 02, 12 All New Blogs Coming Soon!

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  1. Jo Ann Geanconteri /

    Will Melissa and Joan have another season of “Joan and Melissa”? I keep looking for any information on it and can not locate any info. Thanks Jo Ann

  2. Darlene Shepard /

    Melissa I just found out that you share the same birthday as my daughter and her name is Kinyetta Shepard. January 20th I have two children born under the same sign. They both are crazy about their mother. My son is named Anthony and he was born on February the third. When they were young they would fight to sit on my lap and my daughter would win. I love the show and I’m looking forward to another season.

  3. Darlene Shepard /

    I have been following your mother career from the begining. I loved every minute of it. Joan & Melissa is great also. I was scared the put your mom and in handcuffs only to find she handcuffed herself. I was glad she wasn’t arrested. Your mom is the best.

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